Saturday, August 6, 2011


This week is world breastfeeding week and today there was an event called "The Big Latch On" to which I fully intended on going. However, this morning my hubby offered to wake up with Jackson and I'll be darned if I am going to pass up THAT opportunity, so….we missed it. But, I have been thinking about all day and wishing I had gone! Oh well… it got me thinking anyway and I decided I would post MY thoughts on breastfeeding. I am almost positive this will spark conflict and a lot of people won't like it but… this is my blog and I can post whatever I want. First of all, to all of the moms who are breastfeeding, let me just give you props and tell you how truly wonderful you are. To all of the moms who are pumping, way to go, baby is getting awesome nutrition and will be a healthier one for you! I know there are a million stories and every mom has her own way of parenting, and that is fine. I honestly think that you do what you feel is best and you do what works for you and that is fine. But….here is my opinion….well, fact, breast is best, we all know that.
I always knew I wanted to, and I had heard a few stories of the pain and the babies that won't latch on and so on and so forth, but seriously, I had NO idea! NOBODY warns you just how extremely difficult it will be and how hard you will have to fight to do it. Sure there are the lucky few that it comes perfectly natural to and that have no pain and well…good for those moms, but don't tell me about it because I might punch you. To be quite honest, breastfeeding SUCKS. It is horribly painful to be engorged, even more painful for the first few weeks of blisters and bleeding and scabs, and when something goes wrong it is excruciating…and then come the teeth. OUCH. It is tiring and frustrating and you can't eat whatever you want and you still can't take any medicine. And probably the worst part of it, is what it does to your body, I could paint you a picture, but trust me it would not be pretty! It sucks….and it also was the best decision I have EVER made, and the most wonderful thing I have ever fought for. I regret nothing and every problem we have had because of it…is absolutely worth it. There is nothing in this world that can make everything better like boobies can!

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  1. i totally agree. i had to fight hard to breastfeed lincoln (still do because he has acid reflux baaad), but gosh it's soo worth it! i personally like what it's done to my body...yeah for free calories all day!