Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our everyday world

Lately I have been thinking/realizing what a great life we have made for ourselves out here and just how fortunate we really are. We may not have a big house with a winding staircase, or drive a fancy car, or even wear clothes that were NOT off the clearance rack…but we are happy. We have so much love in our little family and our simple life out here is so peaceful and perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. When we first got pregnant I worried that we wouldn't be able to provide enough for him and how hard it would be since we weren't financially stable yet…looking back, that was dumb. Jackson doesn't care that he wears clothes from Target and he doesn't care that his mommy's sunglasses are hand me downs from his Auntie.. he is the happiest boy I know and he has every reason to be. These have been the last few days for us, out here in the country enjoying life and loving each other…
On Saturday we started our day on a wild goose chase to find Sephora…which was NOT in the place Google maps told me it was, surprising no? Once again, failed me. So, I had to get some more makeup and I decided to ask the lady what kind of mascara she was wearing, "Actually, I'm wearing 3 different kinds." Lord, I don't even have time to put on 2 coats and this lady is wearing 3 different kinds…pshhh. Anyway, that had nothing to do with our day, it was just funny to me. So, after our excursion we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and Jackson had macaroni and cheese….meaning, he sucked the cheese off the noodles and threw them on the ground. He also drank his water from a straw, which is his latest thing and pretty awesome not having to bring the sippy cup everywhere! BUT, he likes the straw so much he sucks up a bunch of water and then spits it right out. Anyway, BWW is so fun and they gave him a balloon to play with which he loooved! After that we went home and played outside! Lately we have been playing outside almost everyday because he loves it and about 3 times a day he goes to the door and asks to go out, how can we say no? Yes, it is 103 degrees out so we get out the hose, the sprinkler, his baby pool, and splash table and we just have a ball! Nobody stays dry! All 3 of us run through the sprinkler and spray each other with the hose! Jackson gets to run around naked and loves every second!
On Sunday we woke up early and went to Church and Jackson got to play with the other kids and had a great time playing with all of their toys! It was a great message on how to REALLY pray and how to do it with faith and I felt like I really learned something. It definitely hit home! After church we went home and Jackson fell asleep in the car so I ran in and made some sandwiches and Thomas and I had a little picnic while we let J finish his nap. So, since we had two big parties in July we have A TON of food leftover STILL and one of the things we had was a million bags of chips. For like a month Thomas had been eyeballing the cheetos and I wouldn't let him open them because we already had 3 bags of other chips open! But, today was the day!!! So we gorged ourselves on cheeto puffs and Jackson even had a couple! After lunch we played outside again and Jackson was soooo excited he literally jumped in the pool with his clothes on! We had so much fun just playing outside and Thomas got out the teeball bat and some wiffle balls and we practiced playing baseball! Jackson would get sooo excited when he would hit a ball (Thomas held it with him and swung with him). He loved the noise it made and watching it fly far away and mommy go run after it! Man, that was quite a workout for me!

                                                                                Too excited to wait to get in!

Playing fetch with Easton

This is the same face that Thomas makes in every candid photo


So handsome!

Monday was equally as fun, we went to The Little Gym in the morning and had fun…as always! Here are some photos

Playing on the parachute, my brave boy not only rides on it without crying but WALKS on it during the ride! Silly!!

Jumping with Daddy!

Playing on the bars!

After the Little Gym, we went to Panera and got some yummy lunch with a couple friends from our class and then went to the Doctor. A couple weeks ago she said she saw some fluid in his ears and wanted to check them again in a month but since we are flying this weekend I decided to get them checked early. Still fluid, but no infection so we are good to go!!! After the doctor we came home and ….played outside! That afternoon my mother-in-law (Neh Neh) came over to spend the night. We went to Perry's for dinner to see Daddy and Jackson was such a good boy and everyone adored him!!! He also got to feed the ducks out on the patio and had so much fun! That night we came home and Neh Neh did story time which was so fun for Jackson! Here are the pics!

Neh Neh took down the baby gate and quickly learned WHY it is up in the first place! Playing in the dog water… YAY!!!

Reading his favorite book, I Love You Goodnight.

Today was Tuesday and we decided to take a trip up to Brenham and see the Blue Bell Factory!!! Let me just tell you, for those of you who don't know Blue Bell….it is the BEST ice cream in the entire world, no joke. It is innnnnncreeedddibbble. Like, amazing. So, we made the drive up, which was a little less than an hour and went on the tour! It was only 5 bucks for the tour and Jackson was free of course. The factory was pretty cool and we got to see where the ice cream was made which was neat! Jackson didn't really care, he just sat in his stroller and yelled, "Mama!" everytime I came near him and wanted to get out! But, he stayed in almost the whole tour. THEN….was the BESSST part!!! The ice cream!!! At the end of the tour we each got a scoop of ice cream. Thomas got Krazy kookie dough and it was soooo yummy I was jealous! I got mint chip and Jackson got vanilla! YUM! After our tour we went outside and played for a bit and looked at all of the statues!! It was such a fun day!! Andddd here are the pictures!

J is excited! Looking at the plaque, ready to go in!

We said Blue Bell on 3…not the best word for smile..lol

Look at what a big boy he is!! Looks like a kindergartener!

Mommy and Jackson

Cute boys!!

Ummm, he is seriously the cutest kid ever!!!!

I don't know who these men are, but it's pretty fun to stand up here with them!

Toots Boots!

Ready for work!

Daddy, what are you doing to me?!

I'm gonna get ice cream!!

My cool hat!

In closing, I love my life…..every little piece of it. The good, the bad, allll of it, because every piece of it makes up this grand picture..and it is a masterpiece. A beautiful, wonderful life :)


  1. Aaw, how fun. Really all that matters is family and you know that! Jackson has grown!

  2. you don't need expensive stuff to look good if you already naturally are gorgeous! your family is so adorable! :)