Sunday, October 23, 2011

The greatest moments of my life

It seems like once you become a parent, your entire world shifts focus to that baby and every parent I know is obsessed with their kid, has nothing else to talk about, and is constantly talking about the things their kids do and how much they love them….to non parents it must seem annoying and absurd and crazy, I get that. But, there is good reason for all of this insanity..being a mom is LITERALLY the coolest, most incredible thing I have EVER done in my entire life, hands-down. Today I was thinking about how much my bug has grown up and how sad it is…but also how awesome it is! I loved the movie homeward bound with Shadow, Chance, and Sassy…but seriously, THIS is life's Incredible Journey. Here are some of my favorite moments from the last 15 months

Going into labor
Holding my son for the first time
When he cracked up every time we made a funny noise
When he used to crawl with only one leg and the other just kind of scooted behind him, or in front of the other one, totally in the way
When I heard him clap from the driver's seat and he was in his rear facing carseat
This one is kind of sad, but when I laid him in his crib and he stood up and started crying, "Mama!"

Here are some really recent favorite moments/quirks

Every morning when Jackson climbs out of bed he immediately grabs my phone and starts sending random text messages, consider yourself loved if you have received one
Whenever I leave the door open to my room, he sneaks in, opens my drawer and steals my chapstick, then sticks it in his mouth and runs to hide behind the couch
He found a penny the other day and I took it away and placed it on the table, five minutes later I found him with his train pushed over to the table climbing up there to get that penny
He also uses his bucket as a pedestal to climb onto tables
Whenever he finds trash, or if he is outside, he will just pick up dirt and he ALWAYS brings it to me
When we are in the kitchen he reaches in the dog/cat food bags and throws the kibbles at the animals, and usually sneaks one in for a quick bite, but spits it out
He hits, a lot, but when I tell him, "No, be sweet!" He hugs me and gives me a big kiss and I immediately forget what a brat he is
He loves animal crackers and is not satisfied with just one, he wants one in his mouth and one for each hand, so unless I give him 3, I won't even offer
He comes up to me with a new book about 20 times a day and hands it to me, sits in my lap, and waits for me to open the book, then takes the book and walks away, uninterested…maybe Daddy will read it better?
He loves wearing shoes, everyone's shoes!
He slaps his hands on his legs rhythmically and shakes his head like he can hear his own little song in his head

Just some random things that make this mommy smile!
On another random note, why do people that have their music BLASTING always drive with their windows down? Who drives with their windows down anyway?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Yep, I can say y'all now….cause I live in Texas. I fought it for a long time, but now it's natural. At first I thought I would never get used to saying that strange and totally incorrect term, but then I slowly started wanting to use it in my everyday language and I found myself having to stop before I spoke. "I will not use that term…. I am a California girl thank you VERY much.." And then…there it was. Yep, y'all know what I'm talking about! However, I still refuse to use the term, "fixin'" WHAT is that about?
Anywho, it has begun to feel like fall here! We are still in the nineties but we are getting some wind and cloud cover and the mornings are crisp! Finally! I have always loved fall for the pretty colors and warm, rich flavors! But, I feel like it always slips away from me and before I know it I am freezing in my sweatpants wrapping Christmas presents praying for Spring. Well, NOT this year! This year I vow to make the most of this autumnal harvest season! I decorated our house last week while Jackson took a nap and then I got some more little trinkets at Ross, which I LOVE for holiday decor because it is SO cheap! Then, I stole some ideas from other people and now my house feels comfy, cozy, festive!

Top left is our hutch. I stole the idea for the garland from Jen's blog, which she stole from somewhere else, but it is SUPER cute! I got the felt for less than a dollar for all 4 sheets (YAY coupons!) and strung it with a needle and thread! So cute and DIRT cheap! I am in love. I got the pumpkins at the grocery store and painted them myself, this idea I stole my sweet friend Sarah!  Top right is our fireplace and I love these glittery pumpkins! The candles I got at Ross of course and I made that little bouquet out of some fake leaves and orange berry sprigs. Bottom left is an adorable sign that I just HAD to have and I really want to get a scarecrow to hang out next to it :)  Middle is just a centerpiece I made for our dining room table and I got that leaf placemat at WalMart! Bottom right was some leftover stuff I had so I stuck it in a vase and put it on the window sill in front of the kitchen sink along with a pumpkin candle and I feel so serene when I wash the dishes!

One of my other hopes for these fall months is to take advantage of the flavors!!! I am OBSESSED with pinterest and I found some cool recipes on there. So, my goal for October is at least one new pumpkin recipe per week. This morning I made Jackson some pumpkin pancakes! They were so tasty, he ate THREE! I was shocked! Normally he just picks at his pancakes because I make sure he eats his fruit first. But he LOVED these pancakes! I think I will definitely have to make them again, what a great way to get in a vegetable for breakfast! So, I just used regular pancake mix and added organic pumpkin puree and ricotta cheese (just because I had some leftover from my lasagna last night). I think next time I will add some vanilla and cinnamon! Yumma yumma! Here he is chowing down! Oh and before you ask, he took a great, big tumble yesterday on the front porch and fell face first onto concrete. Apparently there was a box in the back of his little John Deere mini tractor and he climbed (surprise, surprise) into the tractor and on top of the box and the box slipped. It's pretty gnarly and now it is all scabbed up and filled with pus and disgusting. This was his first big fall so we were both kind of freaking out, Thomas wanted to take him to the ER, but I assured him they would laugh us out and tell us, "He's a boy.." So anyway, it's pretty gross, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. 
pumpkin ricotta cheese pancakes

Hey, this is pretty good

Ripping it up!

Gobble gobble gobble!

Then I made a tasty breakfast for Thomas and myself! Pumpkin cream cheese muffins! SO SO SO YUM! If you want the recipe let me know, or you can find it on my pinterest.  May I also mention that Little Master West just so happened to gobble down 2 of these as well.. Piggy piggy.
Pumpkin cream cheese muffins in Halloween wrappers

These ones I used no wrapper and put a pecan on top.  I liked these better because these muffins stuck to the wrapper which I thought was weird and annoying.
Tomorrow we are going to Dewberry Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze and I'm really excited for another way to enjoy the Harvest season! I'll be sure and post some pictures and keep Y'ALL updated on my new pumpkin recipes!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reminiscing and tantrums

I loved being pregnant…it was so wonderful! I used to sit and feel those sweet kicks from my little man and watch tiny body parts protrude and wiggle around. As I laid my hand on my belly I would daydream about how it would be and all of the wonderful times I had ahead of me. I dreamed of rocking him in my arms, kissing his little lips, feeding him baby food, taking him on picnics, playing with him and teaching him his ABC's, watching his first steps….all of those miraculous and amazing things.  

What I didn't dream of, though….was this….

Dun dun dunnnnn, taaaantrums!!! Yep…here we are. I knew it would come but I thought maybe we'd get lucky? Maybe he wouldn't be so bad. Wrongo! He is human after all..dang! What is different about our tantrums though, is that they usually don't start over not getting his way. It can be anything that sets him off, usually he gets hurt, or has something taken away (ie my cell phone, the video camera). It will start as a little whimper, like, "Mama, I just hit my head, OW!" And as always, he wanders over to me and sticks those little hands in my shirt.. Sometimes I give in to comfort him and sometimes I say no and he gets upset and then gets over it. Not anymore! Now when I refuse it turns into this! YAYYY! hahhaah…He attaches himself to my legs and goes limp. But seriously, isn't he cute even while throwing a tantrum!? I mean, I just wanna scoop him up! But, I am being a good mommy and trying to ignore ignore ignore! And honestly, I usually end up just having to distract him with something else. Timeouts don't quite work for us since I can't get him to stay in one place, but we do a mini timeout and I make him sit down until he gets distracted and is back to playing. Works for me. I'm sure this is just one of many struggles of parenthood to come…. Man, what happened to all of these days?! 

Just born! So sweet and everything I ever dreamed of! My miracle was here!

Sleeping in the swing! So easy...

Laying on my chest and perfectly comfortable

This one takes me back! Man, how far we have come from these uncomfortable and painful nursing moments!

Taking a nap in the boppy!

Crazy eyes! Content to sit around in his diaper and stare..

Eating squash! 

Watching a cartoon and staying in one place!

The Zoo!

I LOVE going to the zoo! I could go every single day, it is so fun to look at all of the animals and get in a great walk! My son however, doesn't quite agree. We have season passes so we go a lot, but every time, he hates it. He is miserable and he wants to get out of that daaaang stroller and walk around! Is that too much to ask!? Well, we went TWICE last week and if it kills me, this kid will love the zoo like his mama does!!! It has been like a billion degrees so I am really hoping that once it cools down we will go more often and it will be a little more comfortable for all of us! Here are some photos!
I hate this thing! Get me OUT of here!

This is more my style! Walking around!!

I'm gonna climb this chain…watch me

Albino Alligator!

I looooved this frog! Isn't he cool looking?

These snakes are kind of scary Daddy

Can I run around yet!?

This crocodile had his mouth gaping open like this! 

The elephants are always a hit, last time we went they were getting their baths! So cute!

Mama monkey and Baby monkey!

Little gorilla!

Yuckkk, life in Texas is sweaty!! Guhhross!