Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reminiscing and tantrums

I loved being pregnant…it was so wonderful! I used to sit and feel those sweet kicks from my little man and watch tiny body parts protrude and wiggle around. As I laid my hand on my belly I would daydream about how it would be and all of the wonderful times I had ahead of me. I dreamed of rocking him in my arms, kissing his little lips, feeding him baby food, taking him on picnics, playing with him and teaching him his ABC's, watching his first steps….all of those miraculous and amazing things.  

What I didn't dream of, though….was this….

Dun dun dunnnnn, taaaantrums!!! Yep…here we are. I knew it would come but I thought maybe we'd get lucky? Maybe he wouldn't be so bad. Wrongo! He is human after all..dang! What is different about our tantrums though, is that they usually don't start over not getting his way. It can be anything that sets him off, usually he gets hurt, or has something taken away (ie my cell phone, the video camera). It will start as a little whimper, like, "Mama, I just hit my head, OW!" And as always, he wanders over to me and sticks those little hands in my shirt.. Sometimes I give in to comfort him and sometimes I say no and he gets upset and then gets over it. Not anymore! Now when I refuse it turns into this! YAYYY! hahhaah…He attaches himself to my legs and goes limp. But seriously, isn't he cute even while throwing a tantrum!? I mean, I just wanna scoop him up! But, I am being a good mommy and trying to ignore ignore ignore! And honestly, I usually end up just having to distract him with something else. Timeouts don't quite work for us since I can't get him to stay in one place, but we do a mini timeout and I make him sit down until he gets distracted and is back to playing. Works for me. I'm sure this is just one of many struggles of parenthood to come…. Man, what happened to all of these days?! 

Just born! So sweet and everything I ever dreamed of! My miracle was here!

Sleeping in the swing! So easy...

Laying on my chest and perfectly comfortable

This one takes me back! Man, how far we have come from these uncomfortable and painful nursing moments!

Taking a nap in the boppy!

Crazy eyes! Content to sit around in his diaper and stare..

Eating squash! 

Watching a cartoon and staying in one place!


  1. Haha, brought me back too! I used to think it was so hard when he was that little...but nope, way harder now!!! At least then they couldn't move, haha. Love these just made me miss it all over again!!!

  2. those eyes!! gosh isn't it crazy how time flies? and you're least he still looks cute while throwing tantrums :) at least that!

  3. not 2 totally dicourage but , its unknown territory of 1z, terrible 2z, awful 3z, calm 4z and smart ass 5z, 6 so far is ok but we did just get here so i will let u now LOL but keep up the good work and when he screams @ u, u scream rite bak @ him, tell him how ugly it sounds, he'll either think its funny or b shocked u screamed bak @ him :)