Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Zoo!

I LOVE going to the zoo! I could go every single day, it is so fun to look at all of the animals and get in a great walk! My son however, doesn't quite agree. We have season passes so we go a lot, but every time, he hates it. He is miserable and he wants to get out of that daaaang stroller and walk around! Is that too much to ask!? Well, we went TWICE last week and if it kills me, this kid will love the zoo like his mama does!!! It has been like a billion degrees so I am really hoping that once it cools down we will go more often and it will be a little more comfortable for all of us! Here are some photos!
I hate this thing! Get me OUT of here!

This is more my style! Walking around!!

I'm gonna climb this chain…watch me

Albino Alligator!

I looooved this frog! Isn't he cool looking?

These snakes are kind of scary Daddy

Can I run around yet!?

This crocodile had his mouth gaping open like this! 

The elephants are always a hit, last time we went they were getting their baths! So cute!

Mama monkey and Baby monkey!

Little gorilla!

Yuckkk, life in Texas is sweaty!! Guhhross!

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