Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thomas went to work and called and said, "There's a big storm cloud, looks like it could be heading in." And there it was…And then here it was. And then the lightning and thunder, of which I am deathly afraid, started in. And then…the lights went out. And then… I realized I haven't charged the computer all day. And then.. I realized almost all of our candles are down the last centimeter of wick so I can't even light them. And then… after I got one lit I tried to use it to light another and it didn't… it just put my one out. And then.. I spilled the wax from the one candle all over my legs.. And…no lights to clean myself up. So, here I lay, in bed, with 20 minutes left on the computer, covered in wax…really wishing my husband were here.


  1. Hope you guys made it through the night Annie!! Remember, God is with you, even through the crazy scary storms!

  2. too bad you didn't have some cloth strips and you could've just waxed your legs (make lemonade from lemons? sorta? no...?) jk jk