Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey Maaaaan!

Every kid is unique, that's the best part isn't it? Some kids love to color, some like to play nicely by themselves, some like to play with other kids, some  love to watch tv, and some… to climb. Well, that's mine. He's a climber. He climbs anything an everything. He started out climbing things like this

And I didn't think much of it, that's what the toys are for right? He likes to sit on this train and that other weird little thing that you can sort of see next to it that converts to a walker. Anything with wheels he rides. The other day he sat on a Tonka truck and tried to ride it. Today he sat on a little toy train that is only about 4 inches high and tried to ride that and was pretty frustrated when he couldn't get it to move. He just loves to get onto things and see where they take him! He is mommy's little monkey man! He likes to climb onto chairs and sit in them and then get out, and climb back in. He climbs onto the couch and then onto the back of the couch. One time I took a toy away from him and put it on the pool table…5 minutes later I found him with above train pushed over to the table, standing on it and reaching for the toy. Innovative little booger, I'll give him that. When we go to other's houses for playdates, I can't socialize because I have to constantly remove my child from any and all furniture in their homes. Everything is a climbing toy….everything.
So, lately I have been traveling a lot and it SO makes me realize how much I love being in our own house where everything is baby proof and I can relax and I dunno….pee without worrying that he is getting into something. But, like always…he is one step ahead of me!

Climbed up onto the chair

And onto the table! Nice J….nice
One more thing to worry about, but, I guess he'll figure it out after he falls a few times! PS, my child also hates pants… but that should be obvious by now.


  1. He DOES love to climb, I can vouch for that! When I watched him that was what he was doing the whole time! And I laughed at the P.S part because in all his pics he is pantless! LOL Too funny!

  2. HAHA ur so cute Annie, but ive got a climber 2, im starting 2 think that hes just a boy! lol my son frustrates me, i feel like im yelling @ him all day long, "get down" "get off that" STOP CLIMBING" if im in the kitchen cooking hes right behind me climbing up on the counters and staring into the pots and asking a million questions as im trying 2 pull him away so he doesnt get burned...BOYS?!