Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh yeah, they say life goes on.

And so it does… because I can't hide away in a corner and sob my days away (what good would that do anyway?). I have a baby, well, a toddler (TEAR!), and the little miracle pretty much is all consuming. He makes me smile and laugh and want to be the best person so that he has a great example. So….life goes on. Here are some recent excerpts:

We have been to two birthday parties in the last two weeks and it would have been three but we missed the first one due to circumstances. Since moving here, I have pretty much made all of my friends at The Little Gym, aka mine and Jackson's favorite place ever. Seriously, I have met some of the most wonderful ladies there and I'm not ashamed to admit, we spend over a thousand dollars a year for me to have friends…..oh and for Jackson to play for 45 minutes a week. Worth it? Oh yess… I love our time at Little Gym and I loooove my friends there. It's so nice to have friends with kids the same age as J, and in the exact same place as I am in my life. Moms who are….wait for it…..just as bored as me!!! hahaha.. Anyway, we missed sweet Caleb's birthday and we were so sad. Last weekend was Aaden's birthday party and that was so much fun. Today was Bryce's birthday party…and now….we are all one year old! Yay us, we made it! It has been such a fun and great adventure to watch all of these babies grow and develop into little people. Today was one of those days where I just could sit and stare at my sweet boy and how much he has grown and what an AMAZING, miraculous thing he is. He has eyes that see, and long eyelashes like his Daddy, and a cute little nose, and he can talk and yell and make silly noises, he knows where his belly is, and he can make me laugh just by being his silly self. He is such a little man…how did I grow that!? What a cool thing. Today before we left for the party I couldn't find his shoe and I was walking around the house yelling at Thomas to help me find his shoes! Where is that dang other shoe!?!?!? And I noticed Jackson yelling and looked over and he had my shoes in his hand! What a smart little sweety! He was getting frustrated that I wouldn't just take the dang shoes, "Mom! Here they are!! Get them and let's go!" I tried to explain, "No baby, those are mama's shoes, I need yours" But all I could do was smile and practically cry because he is so perfect. Anyway, here are some pictures. I have sooo been slacking on pictures lately, but I promise to start taking more!

This is what Jackson does to his room every single day, a hurricane of books
About to get his hair cut for the first time! Waving hello!

Getting some Auntie lovin! Isn't this shirt SO cute?!

And…this pretty much sums up how the hair cut went..

The saddest face ever!

My cousins left this here and I LOOOOVE it!

He knows how to turn the radio on and off and he puts it on his Baby Einsteins and then dances!

So so so soooo very cute!

Eating the kitty's food.. YUCK!

What? Here, do you want some Dad?


  1. I love the pic of him eating cat food! And I think it is awesome that you are moving towards the sun like a sunflower (my fav flower)always being optomistic. With a cutie pie baby who wouldn't find sunshine in life? And love that you updated the blog...been wondering what my friend has been up to!

  2. life does go on, even when we wanna curl up in a corner and cry. u will have the good days where u kinda feel ok, but u will also have the REALLY hard days 2.. its ok 2 cry and its also ok 2 smile and enjoy things. ive been wondering how u've been doin, i think about u alot, ur in my thoughts and prayers hun. keep ur head up :) and always remember ur not alone <3

  3. regardless of how you have friends - it's soo nice that you do! it's hard to find other moms that have babies at the same stage as you. i wish we had a little gym here!

  4. Jen, do you have Gymboree? Anything like that would work! It is SUCH a huge relief in my life having friends with babies doing the same things as mine! And so great to see the differences in their personalities!
    Thanks guys, I really am trying to stay positive.. it's still hard, but I'll get there!