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October is pretty much…the best month ever. Lots of birthdays and the settling in of fall which means new spices, recipes, pretty decor, and halloweeeeen!! We had a really fun October this year!
I already posted about all of our fun fall stuff and the recipes I tried. By the way, the MOST incredible pumpkin recipe I tried was BY FAR these cupcakes. DELISH! I literally piped the buttercream frosting into my mouth, I am not ashamed to admit it. Try this recipe…now…seriously. I'm gonna make it for Thanksgiving!
We kicked off the month with a visit to Dewberry Farms! I really, REALLY wanted to go last year but every weekend we had something going on and we never got to go! I still wish we could have because although we had a blast this year and Jackson was old enough to appreciate it, there was so much we didn't get to see because all he wanted to do was run around(story of my life). Originally I had planned to go with a group of friends, but we ended up only going with Cole, Kelli, and Millie, which was SO fun! We had a great time and it was great to spend time with them! 

We picked the perfect pumpkin! It was really big and shaped perfectly and had a beautiful stem and most of all, we were SURE it was filled with lots of seeds for roasting! We didn't carve it until my birthday, which was on the 25th. I was so excited cutting into that thing and I wanted Jackson to help, but he didn't really care. After a struggle to get that top off, I pulled it, ready to view my prize and…..dun dun dun…about 15 seeds in the whole thing. Seriously?! Pshhh, oh well. 

For my birthday it was pretty low key, we just hung out at home, carved our pumpkin, played outside, and then we went out to dinner with my mother-in-law and her husband which was super fun and absolutely delicious! Jackson was such a good boy, he ate his mac and cheese in the fancy restaurant and we had a booth so he just…discretely made a mess! 
So, the next week it was on to Thomas's birthday!!! It was the BIG THREE OH! So we celebrated it big! I had been planning his birthday for months and was SO excited, I mean, I was more excited for his birthday than for mine! So, the day before his party, he gets a phone call…he has to work.! I was livid!!! And there was nothing he could do to get out of it! One of his coworkers had a "photo shoot" that night so she couldn't work which meant he got called in. Seriously??? Ohhhh my goodness I wanted to hurt that woman!! Then she posts on his facebook "Hope it's a great day!!" It took everything inside of me not to comment on that one!!! ERRRRGGG!! So, we did what we could and we moved the time up, which meant a lot of people couldn't make it, and he had to leave after a couple hours and go straight to work but…we made it work! It was 80's themed since he was born in '81! Here are the photos!

Jackson helped me put up the banner…okay, he was really just grabbing the christmas lights, which yes, were hot, and he would grab them and go "ow" and then grab again. 

I tried to remember all of the cool shows Thomas liked in the 80's and I made some little posters of them for the tables. Alf!!!

I got a bunch of 80's candy from Party City and it was a huge hit! Amazing how it can bring you back to childhood! I found the slinkys at Michaels along with the hackey sacks (Thomas loved hackey sack!) and some glow sticks.

Everyone dressed up! Here's the birthday boy!


I found these old 80's VHS movies at Goodwill and just set them on the tables as decor! Ducktales was T's favorite cartoon!

The cake I made, not bad for my first try! I've never made cakes before, it's a lot of fun but devastating when something goes wrong! (Notice the smashed side) I also found some old cassette tapes at Goodwill and painted then neon green and orange, I used the leftover paint to splatter onto my white platter which made it more fun!

Drake was the star of the party! He was Top Gun! Such a cutie lovebug!

I made this 30 out of old photos of Thomas. It was fun to see the progression of his life and make fun of him with embarrassing photos! But, what's a party for if not to embarrass you!? It was kind of a lot of work to make all of the copies and then make them fit on the cardstock, but it was worth it! 

Anyway, I have been thinking lately that I REALLY would like to get into party planning. I have SO much fun doing it and I think they always turn out pretty cute? I just think I would be really good at it, but…how do you get into that?? Anyway, if anybody wants a party planner…let me know! haha.

So, onto Halloween! I had really wanted to make or at least semi-make his costume, but it was just a really busy month and I had a lot on my plate. I also really wanted to do a theme with Jackson and his friends, but… was busy. Friends to the rescue! My wonderfully sweet friend, Brandi happened to be at a Once Upon a Child and found 3 animal costumes for super cheap and snatched em up! She even came up with the idea of us being zookeepers so that it was a theme! What a great lady! So, we made some cute shirts and voila!

My cute boys!

Ribbit ribbit!

I seriously had THE best time on Halloween! This was the first time that the three of us had all hung out WITH our husbands! It was like being a kid again, just a big group of us walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors and surveying the candy and just laughing…lots and lots of laughing. I think it was kicked off by the first house..We all walk up to the door with the kids and the lady hands out three pieces of candy in each of the kid's bags and then she looks at me and says, "And where's your bag?" O.M.G. Thanks lady…. And so the night went :) One of the most fun nights of my entire year hands down! And all of that candy! YUM!!! It's definitely almost all gone!
Happy Hallerween!

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