Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ten Times Smarter

These last two days have been interesting! We are trying to budget and stop spending so much on unnecessary things, so we stayed home the last two days and didn't go anywhere in effort to not spend! I usually try to get out once a day to avoid cabin fever since we live in the sticks…but I always end up spending money because what else am I going to do?! So anyway, I've been at home just playing with Jackson and it just really has hit me how SMART he is getting! These last 15 months have just flown by and I guess I still think of him as my wittle baby! But….he's not so wittle anymore. He's a big boy. And I am noticing it more and more every day. The things he does AMAZE me. It's just incredible to think that last year he was in my belly wriggling around and then he was here and all he did was nurse, poop, sleep, and cry…with an emphasis on the first two not so much the last two. And now here he is, my big boy running around. He has great balance, and he climbs everything which used to freak me out, but now I just let him because he *usually* catches himself. He knows when he sees me going for the diapers that it's time to RUN and HIDE. I literally have to chase him throughout the house diaper in hand, and often..he's already naked and pees on the floor. But, he cracks me up and I think it's so cute to see that little butt running away and laughing that I usually entertain the idea and pretend to chase him for about 10 minutes….inevitably ending up in a soaked carpet. Oh well. Yesterday he was running around the house and one of his pant legs was up by his knee…he took a few steps and then reached down and pulled that pant leg back down. Wait, did he really just do that??? Himself?? With no fuss or even asking me to do it? Noooo…. I know this is menial, but it was just a little reminder that he doesn't need me as much anymore :( Soon he will start needing me less and less and there's nothing I can do but just know that it meansI'm doing my job right. After that happened, I swear he got ten times smarter. It was like, everything just clicked on and he wasn't a baby anymore.. he is a smart kid. I noticed little things that he was doing that just astonished me. He shook his head no when I asked if he wanted something. He doesn't eat his turkey at lunch because he knows that after the turkey he gets the cheese…bring on the cheese Mom…Easton will eat this! When he sees me grab a bottle of water he looks for his sippy cup. He goes over to the hat rack and says "Hat" which is probably the BIGGEST thing for me. For a long time people have been asking what words he is saying and what his first word was and I just kind of explained that he doesn't really say words yet, he just has his own language and occasionally he will use the right word, but never repeatedly. Well folks…he knows the word "hat" and he uses it every time he sees a hat. He also asks, "hot?" every night when he gets in the bath. Jackson is an interesting bear, because he is very smart and I swear he knows things but just chooses not to be a performer. Every time he did something new I would try to show my mother in law and of course, he never did it. He just chooses not to do what we ask on's not his style! For a while he has been doing this when we ask about body parts. But not today, today he sat on Daddy's lap and pointed to every single one. Amazing I tell you, simply…amazing.


  1. Aaaw, its amazing to see all the things your baby does. I know the feeling, simply amazing.

  2. it's insane to see the growth they make so fast! i wouldn't have ever understood that without lincoln, but gosh - he likes stuff last week he didn't, he's doing stuff he couldn't last's brains are amazing